About us

Elva E.P.T. Ltd. was founded in 1991. However, the production of peat started already in 1962, when the predecessor of Elva E.P.T Ltd. started using 30 hectares of peat land in Sangla district. Nowadays, the area of production has extended to 620 hectares.
In 1992, a peat packing shop was established in Tartumaa, Sangla. In the spring 2000, the production was extended by 6000L Big Bales.

As the packing shop of Elva E.P.T is not situated close to harbors, most of the production is exported by road transport. However, according to the wishes of the customer, products could also be transported in sea containers or deck cargo from the harbor of Pärnu. By now, Elva E.P.T has proved itself as a reliable partner in 8 European countries.
In 2002 Elva E.P.T. started with production of different equipment for peat harvesting works. At the moment AS Elva E.P.T. produces different equipment for almost of all operations of peat harvesting.

Today, Elva E.P.T is employing about 40 people.